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English for Specific Purposes - Health Professionals

Specialised tuition for non-native English speaking nurses has been provided at our local hospitals, both in Colchester and in Chelmsford. Our courses are taught by professionally qualified and experienced staff, working flexibly with their students, who may have constraints on their time due to their working hours and shift patterns. Between June and September 2015, one week intensive English courses were provided for over 100 newly recruited nurses as part of their induction programme. These courses were followed by part time 10 week courses between January and March 2016. More recently, we have run English courses for nurses wishing to obtain the IELTS* qualification at the standard now required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council for all nurses and other professional health staff.
*International English Language Testing System

For more information about English courses for health professionals, at all levels, please contact sally.wilcox@eeofora.co.uk


Student Feedback

‘I now feel more confident about talking on the phone, and I can speak to my patients more sensitively.’

‘I am now more confident when I speak to my colleagues.’

‘I understand more about the habits of British people.’

‘Our teacher is very patient and understanding.’

‘I just want to thank the organisers of the course; it has really gone a long way in preparing us for working in England. I am more confident and relaxed now.’

‘The teachers are very nice. They are very patient and kind.’

‘I enjoyed all parts of the course; I would like to have more classes in the future.’

‘I liked practising speaking and listening.’

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